This one was thrown back.The stretch of Canal between the Basin and Donnington is popular for its coarse fishing and competitions are often held in the season.

There is a closed season between 1 April and 30 September which applies to the section of the Canal between the Canal Basin and the A27 road bridge. Other than this one exception, fishing is permitted year round on the Canal.  Both pleasure and competition anglers can be accommodated and the venue offers access to those with limited mobility. The Canal holds stocks of roach, rudd, perch, bream, tench, pike and eels.

Don’t forget your Environment Agency Licence: a rod licence is obligatory.

See essential guidelines for fishing on UK inland waterways.

Canal fishing permits are available from the Canal Cafe.


  • Annual £30.00
  • Day £6.00
  • Children under 12 years can only fish when accompanied by a responsible adult.

No fishing in the Canal north of A27 bridge or at the Hunston Jetty.

Download an Annual permit application form (please note the included rules of conduct).

Please note: In the last couple of years, concern has been expressed about the lack of fish stock. The Environment Agency has surveyed the Canal and found that, whilst there are ample young fish, there has been a significant reduction in more mature and larger fish. There are three possible causes for this decline - poaching, predators such as cormorants and herons and poor cover due to silting and keeping water clear for boating. Recognising the need to balance the various interests of all Canal users, the Trust has been in discussion with the Environment Agency and local fishing clubs regarding ways forward to address the fish decline. 2500 common bream and 600 tench were added to the canal in December 2015 by the Environment Agency.