Whether you are an individual, a club canoeist or a family group, feel free to come along and try out the water.

We offer day tickets and annual licences. The canal is ideal for novices and for basic training and also for some types of races. The canal is a beautiful retreat close to the city and unique views of the cathedral and South Downs can be seen from the water. Enjoy the abundance of wild flowers and reeds beds, as you glide past, and watch out for herons, kingfishers and water voles in their natural habitat.

For season tickets and block bookings for clubs and organisations email canoe@nullchichestercanal.com

Download an annual licence application form (please note the included rules of conduct).

N.B. We regret that we have no changing facilities available.

Annual Licence & Day Ticket Prices

Annual licences and day tickets can be purchased from the Canal Centre during opening hours.

Annual Licences £30
Day Tickets £6

Canoe Clubs

For club canoeing on the Chichester Canal please contact:

Chichester Canoe Club

or for children, young people and families:

Hunston Canoe Club

Canoeing Courses

At the moment, canoe courses are not available at the Canal.

Paddle Boarding

Enjoy the canal from a different perspective with paddle boarding from T J Boardhire. Great for all the family and all equipment is provided along with fully experienced and insured instructors.

T J Boardhire