Canal enters the world of podcasts

Chichester Canal can be explored in many different ways, and now can be enjoyed on a podcast. We have dipped a toe into the world of podcasts, and recorded the first two episodes of an intended series. A podcast is best described as a series of audio files, which the listener can listen to at a time of their choosing, and dip in and out of different episodes.

In the 1st podcast, you can hear Catherine Cannon, Trustee, and Adam Porter, BBC Radio 2 News reader, Trust patron and ‘canalcaholic’. They introduce the canal, highlighting some of the ways people can enjoy the canal and the 200th anniversary celebrations.

Adam said, ‘There’s so much material to use at the canal, with tales of volunteering, the wildlife you might see, the experience on a boat trip, the 200 year history, and of course the continued need for funding to ensure the canal remains open, safe and accessible for all users’.

You’ll also hear voices of canal users, who were happy to contribute, including Dave Standley, a keen photographer who has previously won the Trust’s popular photography competition.

In the 2nd podcast, Adam and Catherine focus on the trip boats, a popular way to enjoy the waterway. Volunteer deck crew and a family of  ‘boat trippers’ talk about their experiences.

Building on the success of the podcast, the March edition of Chichester Area Talking News Insight Magazine features the podcasts. The Talking News is a ‘talking newspaper’, recorded fortnightly and distributed to more than 300 blind, partially sighted and other disabled people in the wider Chichester area. In the 2nd podcast, Catherine and Adam interview Geoffrey, from the Talking News, to record an interview on Kingfisher.

Geoffrey said, ‘I really enjoyed my trip down the canal. It’s a wonderful way to be able to bring it to life for our Talking News listeners in this anniversary year’.

The Chichester Canalcast podcast can be found on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

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