Customers help to promote the Canal

As it’s volunteers week, it seems only right to also thank those customers who regularly share the most stunning photos. In many ways, these lovely people are our unsung volunteer heroes. The quality and range of photos help us to promote the Canal through social and print media – this year, we have already catalogued nearly 300 fantastic snaps.

There are too many names to mention, but we must pay a special thank you to Meryn Woodland and of course, our “resident” amateur photographer Rick Gatley (both photographed above).

Another recent contributor is the renowned local author Kate Mosse. Kate often walks down the Canal and across the marina and has been capturing some nice shots on Twitter.

Just recently, Kate published a diary entry in the New Statesman. In the article, she talks about her enjoyment of her West Sussex patch, especially the Canal, as well as promoting her new book.



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