Contracted bank repairs complete

Cain Bioengineering have now completed their contract to repair the towpath beyond Hunston; the Canal Trust is very grateful for a good job well done.

The Trust is also grateful to all those who have tolerated the muddy conditions along the tow path during the last 4 weeks. Much remains rather muddy, especially while these rainy days continue, but the growing season is starting and the towpath will soon recover. Two areas are protected by orange netting; this is to give the grass seed a chance to grow, There is no such netting at the winding hole but those using the path are asked to keep to the path proper for the time being.

For those interested, the four posts at the winding hole are marking the remains of one of the wooden side supports for the original bridge – so is 200 years old. Cain Bioengineering endeavoured to remove it but it proved to be too firmly fixed in the clay.

The Canal Trust hopes that the public will continue to enjoy a walk along the canal and regrets any inconvenience the recent work may have caused.

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