Soggy but still smiling

Two of our noble (or maybe daft) volunteers, Dave and Janet, set off at 6.30 on Sunday morning for FOS. The weather wasn’t promising as it was raining. But Visit Chichester rep, Helen, was on the stand waiting with a big smile. Louisa from Chawton House joined the small team soon after.

So there they are huddled in a small tent…. not a lot of room as all literature, banners etc were sharing the dry space. And potential customers were scurrying past with brollies up and heads down. Now for the good news…..Helen and Louisa were utterly charming and the impromptu team had a brilliant networking natter, learning more about each other’s organisations, for much of the morning. Although taking turns for breaks, I don’t think any of the team were too keen to leave the dry tent.

Louisa and Helen left at 12, replaced by Colin from Visit Chichester and the BID. He had done a stint on Saturday with Hungry Guest and Weald & Downland and said the team were brilliant taking leaflets out on site to people sunning themselves or eating lunch. Allegedly, Janet muttered something about… not in this weather. He quickly realised when the rain got heavier!

Colin did have a great entry line though…. he grabbed a bunch of leaflets advertising indoor attractions and was calling out to people “come and and enjoy a local attraction where you won’t get wet, yes madam, you won’t get wet on a canal boat trip, it’s got a lid and a cafe in tow” which made everyone laugh. Amazingly a number of people stopped to enquire about boat trips and took a leaflet. Well done Colin… a great idea!

By 4.30, Dave and Janet excused themselves and set off home, tired and a bit damp, but delighted with the interest that the team had drummed up for all that’s great in Chichester. Would they volunteer for an event like this again? Dave said “in a heartbeat; wonderful chance to network with colleagues and to sell the Canal to new customers. Many thanks to Visit Chichester for this excellent opportunity”.

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