Educating the community…

Chichester Ship Canal Trust took part in the national Heritage Open Day week for the first time on 11 September. This popular national event encourages people to celebrate our history and culture. As the 200th anniversary of the canal gets closer (April 2022), we want to help more people discover the canal.

Volunteers helped families to learn more about what makes the canal such a special and unique place. Our thanks to Celia and Keith Javan who manned our display. And especially to Celia for commandeering 5 new volunteers to help. We opened the doors of our award-winning Heritage Centre, offered two different trails (age appropriate), and displayed crafts and a display about the canal. Sir John Rennie, aka volunteer Chaloner Chute made a guest appearance and succeeded in attracting some new members.

Photo: Catherine Cannon (Trustee) with Sir John Rennie

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