A floral tribute

After many years of tending our tubs and flower beds around the Canal Basin, Wendy, Chris and Stella are finally hanging up their trowels and forks. It would be very rude to mention their combined ages….. but suffice to say, they are now ready for a well deserved retirement! Thank you, we will miss you.

Our Trading Board directors bid these amazing volunteers a fond farewell and a hearty vote of thanks, with appropriately… a bouquet of flowers for each.

But don’t worry, winter pansies and dwarf conifers are about to be delivered and planted.

If you have green fingers and know the difference between your pansies and petunias, we would love to hear from you. It’s a very social role and not too arduous – just a few hours a week to suit you is all that is required. Please contact us at info@nullchichestercanal.com to find out more.


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