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Battle of Trafalgar 1 Battle of Trafalgar 2

On Sunday, 2nd August, the Canal Basin was lined with spectators for the Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team’s re-enactment of the Battle of Trafalgar, with the British fleet victorious over the French/Spanish fleet which tragically resulted in the death of Admiral Lord Nelson.

Whilst the commentary was underway the vessels circled in groups, with the British fleet toward the eastern end of the basin and the French/Spanish fleet at the western end. There were a total of ten vessels in the display including Victory, Ajax, Dolphin, Chesapeake and Royaliste.

The battle commenced with spectacular cannon fire and copious amounts of smoke creating a realistic impression of the fire power that these small vessels can produce, even the apparent damage being stage managed on board. The skill in manoeuvring these vessels by the display team was very impressive especially as they were in full sail.

Well done and thank you to Portsmouth MBDT! And to Graeme Barrett for his photography.

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