Swans reunited after lengthy separation

In mid June, a few residents in John Rennie Road noticed that a cob’s wing seemed to be injured. They made numerous calls to the RSPCA and to other national and local agencies, all to no avail. A few days later, they called Swan Support, a voluntary organisation based in Datchett near Windsor, and sent them some photos. Volunteers from Swan Support came to the canal to investigate a few days later and took the cob (male swan) away. His wing was found to be badly damaged and infected due to a dog bite.

Since then he has had extensive treatment and nurtured back to health by professional practitioners and volunteers.

Over two months later, on 8 Sept, Swan Support delivered him back to his mate and family. We are immensely grateful to Swan Support for their professionalism, prompt response, and concern for the swan’s welfare, as well as the treatment. And many thanks to the John Rennie residents who persisted until they got help.

Should you wish to find out more abouth this amazing charity please see www.swansupport.org.uk, where they have posted a video of the reunion.

Also, our thanks to Richard Gatley for his outstanding photography.  We posted his photos across social media and achieved a staggering reach out to nearly 7000 people!

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