All in a day’s work

The normal Tuesday work party turned up to discover that a moorhen mum had found the perfect place to build her nest – behind a bollard in the bows of Frisky, one of the two tugs. When the crew arrived, the mum quietly left the nest and eggs were then clearly visible. The Trust’s equivalent of the G7 consulted for an hour, sought some professional advice and then moved the nest to under the nearby ramp. After Frisky went on her lawful business, a very nonchalant mum reappeared shortly after and, to the relief of those in the area ready to direct the moorhen to her new home, found the nest immediately without assistance and returned to her maternal duties.

Have you spotted any wild fowl nests in unlikely places? If yes, do let us know and if possible send us a photo.

Author and photos: Dudley Pound


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