Stunning photography blows the judges away

We were thrilled with the response to our 2019 photo competition. We received almost 100 photos (including some from teenagers) covering virtually all activities experienced on the canal. No surprises that the majority were either of birds or animals including water voles. Or the beautiful scenery along the towpath caught at almost all states of season or time of day. Gorgeous sunsets, misty dawns or winter freezes.

The photos will be shown on the large TV screen in the Canal Cafe.

But the primary purpose of the competition was to identify 12 photos for the Canal’s 2020 calendar. The judges believe they have indeed selected very suitable photos to depict the different seasons. Including one which just might prove a surprise.

The far harder task was to identify the winner and runner up. The judges eventually chose a beautiful shot of a proud coot mother and her two chicks taken by Gary Howes. Gary wins a £50 voucher donated by the London Camera Exchange. The runner up prize of a family ticket on the tripboat Kingfisher goes to Natasha Jefferies for a beautiful shot of the trees in full spring bloom hanging over the towpath.

We are  grateful to all those who submitted the photographs and hope that they, and others, will take part in the 2020 competition.


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