Fingers crossed for a solution

Blanket weed… Together with the weed that roots in the silt in the basin, the only way that it could be removed was by contractors.








The Trust has now invested and installed 2 ultrasonic transducers under the pontoons,







which establish a sound barrier just below the water surface and stop algae rising to the surface…. or so we hope! This should greatly reduce blanket weed. What remains will be the weed growing in the silt and, thanks to the assistance provided by West Sussex County Council, the Trust will use a cutter that cuts about a┬ámetre below the surface.








So… nice clear water this summer? Yes, our fingers are firmly crossed. A bit early to say whether or not our efforts are effective as it is only the really hot weather that causes the algae to form and the weeds to grow. But we are hopeful!

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