Celebrating our bicentennial anniversary in 2022

Chichester Canal has been an important part of Chichester’s community landscape and the social and cultural scene for almost 200 years, having marked its first formal opening on 9th April 1822. And now the Chichester Ship Canal Trust is planning a season of anniversary events to help people discover canal history.

The project team is looking for all manner of memories, to illustrate what the canal has meant to people during the last 200 years.

Recent memories?

The memories may be from very recent years, as you may have discovered the canal during lockdown. What did it mean to your mental health? It may have been on one of the seasonal boat trips or perhaps you’re a recreational paddler on the water? How important is the wildlife and the open space to you?

Old memories?

The stories may be from generations further back. Can you recall events that have taken place at the canal? Do you have stories about the initial restoration?

Other memories?

Maybe you have family history to share, about relatives involved in the canal? Childhoods growing up by the canal? Businesses located by the canal? A special occasion?

We will display responses as part of our anniversary for the community to enjoy’.

To share a memory, please send it to  200years@nullchichestercanal.com  in whatever format you like. Pictures are very welcome. Or you can collect a paper form in the canal cafe which you can fill out by hand or use the printed QR code to take you online to write your response. You are welcome to keep your responses anonymous if you choose.

Thank you!

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