But please heed advice re Covid19

The days are getting longer, it is getting warmer and there is plenty of fresh air…. at Chichester Canal.

All our normal activities are in full swing and will continue as such unless we are advised otherwise by the government and/or Public Health England. Enjoy a coffee and snack in the Cafe, take a trip on Kingfisher, look forward to a trip to meet the Easter Bunnies or have pie and mash, fish and chips or even afternoon tea on Richmond.

Please be assured that we are aware of the Cobra meeting of 12 March and the government’s change in policy to one of Delay. We heed the government’s well advertised advice; all we ask is that you also do so when you visit.

You will be made very welcome. Want to know more about what we get up to? Then follow us on social media and/or check out our news on this website.

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