From 7th February, for c 8 weeks

We are thrilled that our fund-raising campaign (started in autumn 2020)… and thanks to you all… is now at 75% of the total of £200k.
Specialist contractors will restore the most damaged section of the canal bank (the foundations of the canal, underpinning the towpath, keeping the waterway safe for users and managing water flow). The stretch to be completed first runs c 300m south of the steps to the Canal Walk houses towards Hunston for c 250m. The Trust is providing excavators, a tug and barge to help with the movement of materials.
PLEASE NOTE The towpath will be CLOSED from 7 February for c 8 weeks (for safety reasons) to all canal users to ensure the contractors can work safely and as effectively and efficiently as possible. The towpath surface, which was resurfaced in 2021 with funding from Donnington Parish Council will be returned to its new high standard.
We will continue to raise funds and apply for external funding to enable restoration to further stretches of the canal banks to be completed in the next few years. In the meantime, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that the closure will create. (Licensed water users may continue to use the canal during the closure).
Photo credit: Richard Gatley

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