ARTEL art exhibition at Oxmarket Contemporary is open

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting the ARTEL exhibition at Oxmarket Contemporary in East Street.

As an ‘uneducated’ art viewer, I went along to support this group of talented people, whose exhibition is titled ‘Lockgate 200’. While I’m very much a lay person on the art front, I do know a fair amount about the canal, as have volunteered in different roles for many years.

I can only say that the exhibition is truly fascinating!

Inspired by the canal and its 200 year history, I marvelled at the imagination and talent on display… from circus elephants bathing in the water, old sailing boats and of course the wildlife. And in so many different mediums. It was also very interesting to chat with some of the exhibitor creators.

The exhibition is open daily until 3 July and I can wholeheartedly commend you to view it. Whether an art lover, a canal supporter or just out of curiosity, it’s a delightful experience… and it’s free!

Thank you to ARTEL and Oxmarket Contemporary.

Author: Janet Osborne








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