Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team at the Basin on 2 August

On Sunday 2 August, Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team (PMBDT) will re-enact the Battle of Trafalgar as part of the 200th anniversary of Admiral Sir George Murray becoming mayor of Chichester. Adm Murray was a trusted friend of Lord Nelson and, but for family circumstances, would have been at Trafalgar. An exhibition of the Admiral’s artifacts are on display at the Novium museum until November 30th.

The PMBDT will be bringing 11 sailing ships and battle will rage from 2pm. The team are expected from 11am and will set up on the grass.

We hardly need reminding those who have seen the models before how good they are; for those who have not, why not visit www.pmbdt.com. A visit will be well worth while (and it’s free!)

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One response to “Battle of Trafalgar”

  1. Richard Edward Plowman says:

    I am really looking forward to this part of the Murray celebrations