31 Dec 2018

Bringing Chichester Canal Christmas boat trips to life

Behind the scenes at Chichester Canal  You know how stressful it is getting ready for Christmas. Now imagine planning for 2665 people.  That’s 1450 adults, 1139 Children and 69 babies. Because that is what our amazing Chichester ...

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25 Dec 2018

Happy Christmas

… and best wishes for 2019 Our volunteers would like to thank our wonderful customers for your magnificent support throughout 2018. Thanks to you, we have had a bumper year and much enjoyment. We wish you all ...

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11 Dec 2018

All aboard with Santa

Christmas SUP paddle There was much hilarity on the canal on Sunday with walkers stopping to smile and take pictures. So what was this all about? Well…. Santa’s reindeer have been very busy delivering Santa and his ...

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29 Nov 2018

All aglow at the Canal Basin

Father Christmas arrives by boat to switch on Chichester Canal Christmas lights! There was a real buzz at Chichester Canal on Sunday 25th November as Father Christmas arrived on the canal boat Richmond to turn on the festive ...

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20 Nov 2018

Chichester Canal on TV?

Channel 5 filming On Fri 16th November a TV film crew spent all day filming on the canal as part of Channel 5’s series “Secrets of the National Trust”. The particular  programme will be about Petworth House ...

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30 Oct 2018

Farewell to our gardening ladies

A floral tribute After many years of tending our tubs and flower beds around the Canal Basin, Wendy, Chris and Stella are finally hanging up their trowels and forks. It would be very rude to mention their ...

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10 Oct 2018

November special offer

Pie & mash cruise On 2nd November at 12:30 we are running a new type of canal cruise as a special offer. We have been gathering feedback from our many customers who have enjoyed a fish & ...

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04 Oct 2018

Canal signs up to Refill

Reducing single use plastics Chichester Canal Cafe is delighted to have signed up as a Refill station. This means that people can ask to have their reusable water bottles filled with tap water, for free, at the ...

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01 Aug 2018

Weed mystery solved!

The weed returns…. but why? You may recall that we explained (with a great deal of excitement) about our latest cunning plan to combat the weed covering  on the surface of the canal water. At some considerable ...

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09 Jul 2018

Wildlife a-plenty

Time to take a boat trip With the balmy Mediterranean weather still with us for yet more days, this remains a great time of year to enjoy the sunshine, the scenery and abundant wildlife that the canal ...

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